UX Research & Product Design

TestMate runs remote usability tests for Australian clients, providing feedback and recommendations for websites and digital products. I was required to develop and manage project and operating processes, including tester and analyst recruitment, implementing and maintaining software, managing files and creating core project documentation.

Test Plan

After gathering requirements from clients, the first step is to create a test plan, with the structure depending on the complexity and length of the test. The plan is written in a clear and direct manner to glean unbiased results from users whose behaviour and feedback are recorded. I created and refined the test plan template that is now being used for all projects. I was also involved in the creation of other documents used in this process such as surveys (for measures such as system usability and net promoter scores).

Test Analysis Process

Using a variety of usability measures I developed a process for analysing tester videos. This process is being used by our UX analysis to record customer behaviour and categorises findings across usability, desirability, credibility, etc. This is a manual process that requires ongoing collaboration, and this data is used to create a suite of reports for clients.

Client Reports

Having created many PowerPoint/KeyNote presentations in my time, I tried my hand at designing our comprehensive UX project reports. This included developing the report structure, all design work (using our branding elements), and creating reports for numerous individual testing projects which I managed. I also created summary reports to provide quick, actionable feedback for agile projects, and managed the production of highlights videos. I continue to advise on many of these projects, ensuring quality standards and providing feedback.