Other Projects


Selected projects that I have worked on, using a variety of tools and skills. These were all undertaken part-time, in collaboration with others.


With Olivia Harold
2 weeks | 2018

Research, Design Concept

This was a short project as part of User Interface Software + Technology, at the University of Washington. SAM is a design concept for a Voice User Interface (VUI) mediated version of Autism Spectrum Disorder Script Therapy. Script Therapy is when a mediator such as a peer, parent or therapist asks the child questions and the child reads proper responses from a provided script. Eventually, the script is faded out and the child answers without explicit direction. Script Therapy has been shown to be successful and can be generalizable to various social situations.

SAM would be a non-intrusive VUI which aims to complement rather than replace conversations with another person. We employ the form factor of an analog child’s telephone in order to alleviate complications from a humanoid or animal form factor. We believe that a VUI can be appropriate for an autistic child, due to the machine’s non-judgemental and pragmatic nature. Furthermore, machines have been shown to create successful social interactions in autistic children. The next phase of this project would need to include expert research as well as significant rounds of testing, on several prototypes of SAM.


With Eliza Neuman-Saul & Rickardo Paz
3 Weeks | 2018

Mixed Media

We are surrounded by researchers creating products that may never solve a problem, have amassed piles of broken and obsolete electronics, and have individually created expansive collections of technology loved and lost. ‘Dearly Beloved Technology’ is an interactive, conceptual art project. It considers the emotional meaning permeated into technology’s objecthood which exists, despite the ease in which we are able to discard it, and our constant hunger for progress.

In the death of a single piece of technology, is the loss of a connection to a set of specific and often meaningful experiences. In this project, we ascribe a touch or the lifting of the phone to inciting memory and triggering its ghostly story. The project serves as a starting point for discussion around technology individuation, obsolescence and postphenomenology. We believe that in an age of exponential growth, it becomes ever more necessary to investigate these matters empirically, philosophically and artistically.


With Gabriel Hughes
1 Week | 2018

Processing, Arduino, Cardboard, 3D Printing

The ARTificial Syncometer 9000PX8 (or ARTSyMe) is an interactive art installation that gives a colorful spin on the classic 1960 Etch-a-Sketch. It is meant for public use in art galleries or children’s science museums, to be projected on a large screen. Whilst it was initially designed for a younger crowd, its novel take on the classic toy makes it fun for all ages, especially those old enough to remember playing with the original Etch-a-Sketch. Instead of copying the original toy exactly, ARTSyMe introduces a huge variety of color to produce wildly yet pleasantly unpredictable works of digital art.


with Brian Nguyen, Michael Ji and Corey Brown
3 weeks | 2017

Ideation, Interaction Design, Storyboard, Video Production, Presentation Copy, Diagrams

Omni is a speculative design project, created as part of Foundations of Interaction Design at the University of Washington.

Each individual’s digital work creates a digital identity, which represents power and wealth for those who own it, rather than for us. We are the product.

With Omni, you are aware of your Digital Identity and are able to understand how it is being formed. Your data becomes an extension of you, working for you (and society), rather than for the benefit of an entity. You own your own data and are in control of it.


with Salt & Fuessel
2016 | 2017

Strategy, Creative Direction, User Experience Design

The Wurundjeri land council represents the Wurundjeri Tribe, the Traditional Custodians of the city of Melbourne and surrounding lands. The council needed a new website to present cultural and historical content, showcase their services, and engage with the Wurundjeri community.

This was a large project with several requirements, involving numerous stakeholders and elders within the Wurundjeri Tribe I was the Account/Project Manager and UX Designer and worked with Wurundjeri elders and executives to establish the creative direction and content strategy for this project.

After gathering requirements and conducting initial research, I crafted the User Experience for the site, including wireframes, prototypes, and the overall information architecture. I worked with a visual designer and developer, to design, develop, test and implement the website and presented to the client on an ongoing basis.

Kick The Butt

With Salt & Fuessel
12 Weeks | 2015

Design Research, Creative Direction, Project Management, Account Management

Kick the Butt is an anti-smoking campaign aimed at Aboriginal youth in Victoria, Australia and led by the Dandenong and District Aborigines Cooperative Ltd. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking to health and culture. I managed the end-to-end creation of this website, working with a visual designer and developer. I also developed the information architecture and created the content strategy.

The illustrative approach taken by the designer was the outcome of design workshops, that we held with Aboriginal youth in 2015. This was a project that required cultural sensitivity, the ability to connect with and design for children and young adults, as well as conducting public health campaign research.